Monday, June 30, 2008

First Post

Ok, so I figure I'll finally post something. I have had the hardest time getting myself to write on this blog because I usually just write on me and Mark's Maywrage blog. I had a blog that I used to post random musings, but I erased it because it felt more like a diary to me and I thought, hmmmm... maybe that's what diaries are for. So now I keep a diary.

So what about this blog? I keep stumbling upon fun blogs that are focused on a subject, and I really enjoy reading them. I especially love the arts and crafts blogs and the fashion blogs. I would love to say that I'm that creative or fashionable, but the truth is that I love reading those blogs because I lack those qualities in my life at the moment. I'm not saying that I'm not creative or that I don't have style, but those things have kind of taken the back-burner in my life as of late. I keep telling myself that it's just a priority thing, but sometimes I fear that it's an age thing. You know, I guess the cargo jeans that I paid over $100 for a few years back just aren't the thing anymore. I guess now it's the skinny jean thing, and the gladiator sandal thing, and the "I don't really care how I look" look that costs hundreds of dollars and new primping tools and skills to pull of oh-so-effortlessly.

I miss perms.

No, I'm not really that bad I don't think. But I do know that I've found myself at a new stage in my life that I'm excited about, but also unprepared for: Adulthood. Marriage. With the new title of "Wife," and my age quickly approaching 30, I feel a reassessment of my style is in order. And when I say "style," I don't mean just fashion style. I mean lifestyle. I am becoming aware that what I do and believe now is laying the foundation for what I do and become for the rest of my life, and also what I do as a parent, and also what my children will be subject to in their formative years. The choices I make become what I contribute to the world, and I've always wanted to believe that I could make a difference. So whether it be what I choose to find stylish, fabulous, and appropriate, or what I choose to read, or what I choose to spend my money on, or what I choose to do with my time, this blog will record my journey of self-discovery and development.

I'm excited to discover more about who I am and what I believe. Please feel free to leave comments, as I love hearing other people's opinions and experiences.

More soon...