Friday, August 15, 2008

Random Mumblings

Artist crush of the day: Elsita.
She makes me want to weave art into the trees, the sky, the grass, my hair, my heart. Every time I read her blog I am amazed that some people can be so freely and instinctively creative. She breathes art. She makes characters out of foliage and universes out of paper. I would rather be her than a pink unicorn who eats candy for dinner. Really, I would. Art is yummier than candy.

She is Cuban-born. Some of her work:

Missing Garden

From the series "Second Nature"


Her Moleskine
Watering an Idea

Baby Dali





The Lesson


Sculptures and Papercuts
Tree House

Secret Anatomy of a Young Girl



Jewelry Clothing Dollhouses Frida Kahlo's Studio

Plant Creations



And the best part is that she has an etsy store! Here's the link:

Speaking of eating, today I feel like sharing some fun food-related times I've had this summer. Mostly because the pictures are on my cellular phone and I'd like to free up some space on it.

Baking a "Cheesecake" with my friend Erin for one of her friend's birthday. She really likes Tillamook Cheddar I guess.

Erin decided to add all kinds of random things in the store-bought cake mix. Sour cream. Cream cheese. Food coloring to make it cheddar-cheese-orange.

We also made a "pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey" game for the party. I drew the donkey, thank you very much. And yes, I'm sure it's not an armadillo. It's a donkey through and through.

Me and my friend Nikki making dinner for the boys. Lemon-Rosemary Chicken, Corn Chowder, Apricot/Walnut/Feta Salad with Lemon Garlic Vinaigrette. And Nikki's famous Chocolate-Raspberry-Salt Cake (heh heh. Inside joke.) It all turned out amazing.

Really yummy stuffed pork chops I made a bit ago.

Pizza is always a favorite at my house. We got a pizza stone for a wedding present and I've used it a bazillion times.

Well, this was random.

More later...


Anonymous said...

Hola Angie!
What an honor to be featured in your blog!
I want to leave a BIG THANK YOU here in my comment and wish you many good things!!!
Elsita :)

miss cavendish said...

Crush-worthy indeed; those papercuts are divine.

Anonymous said...

The paper art is beautiful. I wouldn't have the patience (or skill) to do something so intricate.