Friday, August 15, 2008


Tonight I was listening to my husband play his guitar, which by the way is one of my favorite things to do. But while he was randomly playing around with lyrics and ideas, my mind stilled and I found myself happy. And then I found myself trying to trace the thread, the way I always do when I find myself somewhere and I forget how I got there. And, of course, that is always counterproductive unless you're writing a paper and you need to cite some information. But I'm not writing a paper. I'm feeling a moment. And that means you just stay right where you're at.

Somewhere in this process I started to think about beliefs and how profoundly they effect our experience of life. They are like wallpaper and our brains are our bedrooms. They color the walls and give our living space it's ambiance. We wake up every morning unaware of the feelings we're used to feeling just like we overlook the chipped paint.

A person's whole happiness can be seriously injured by a single belief. Like, "A size 10 is not and will never be beautiful." Or, "I am only safe when someone cares for me." Or, "I can't trust anyone but myself." Or "Only perfection is acceptable." Or how about, "I am the sum of my (beauty, intelligence, talent, ability to make someone laugh, ect.)"

Sometimes these beliefs are written all over a person. Do you ever notice that? Do you notice anything written on you?

I do.

Some beliefs I'd like to snip right off:

I am the sum of my ability to create something beautiful.
I am the sum of my ability to make someone love me.
It's not ok to be sub-par at anything.
"Special" means better than anyone else.

And those are just the ones I feel comfortable sharing on the blog, but there's a lot more where that came from, friends.

What are some of yours?

Let's free ourselves.

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Erica said...

girl, great thoughts. way to remind us all of being makers of our destiny.