Saturday, December 6, 2008

Fashion Crisis

So I've been pondering the original purpose behind this blog, and realizing that I have made a mess of it. My intent was to make a list of goals, which I did here, and then publicly record my progress. I guess I've gone a little astray, as I don't even remember much about what that list said. I don't even know if it's still relevant to what I want today in my life, so I might even revise the list a bit.

One thing that I do remember is my desire to become a bit more stylish. I guess this one is on hold for a few reasons, the most important being funds of course. (Feel free to nominate me for What Not to Wear...) But another reason is that I still don't really know what I would like to express about myself- I mean who I would like to become more of. Last year it seemed all I wore was professional attire due to work. I guess what I wanted then was to make money.

Today I want to be comfortable. I want to honor my natural beauty and talents. I want to explore looking out more than looking in. I want to recognize quirkiness as perfection, and perfection as relative. I want to rediscover mornings as a time of meditation, instead of a time for alteration.

However, with that said, I want to find balance and harmony in design and nature. What I mean is that I want some alteration of the product that wakes up with frizzy hair, bad breath, and an oily face. I want some progress past my Uggs and hoodie sweatshirts. Yet, I cannot tell you how much I love the idea of waking up, throwing on the most comfortable thing in my closet, brushing my teeth, and walking out the door to start my day. I should have been an Indian. With a toothbrush.

Like I said, I do want to focus on being more "put together," whatever that means. I refuse to believe that I have to be uncomfortable to achieve it, so I am going on the hunt for designers that make comfortable clothes that are innovative and quirky and practical. I want to stay away from sports clothing, skateboard/surf designers (Billabong, will you please confine yourself to 16 and younger? Get your logo'd sleeves and candy-colored accessories off of the twenty-somethings!), and pu-leeze- no spandex. I have been down that road and I don't want to look back, unless it's for exercise or sleepwear.

At this time I will open up the suggestion box for contributions. Again, I'm looking for designers/labels who are

1. Comfortable
2. Quirky/Fun
3. Not exclusively fit for teenagers
4. Practical (especially for Utah winters. However, every piece does not need to fit this requirement.)
5. Modest

Some examples of a label I really like: Filly and Prairie Underground (although I would make some alterations to make their designs a bit more modest).


Melissapher said...

I've been feeling the same way!! I was telling my mom that I want to look more polished, funky, and take on the mom role, but without the 'mom' look. Right?

Anyway, we ended up going to Ann Taylor loft, which was great for basics, then went to Banana (yeah, I'm mainstream, I know) and I found an awesome sweater that's only at the outlets (park city!!). Also, yesterday, I discovered another Mormon clothing line that's actually with the times and not UBER basic, Layers. Might be worth checking out.
ALso, Also, I found flat boots that are super comfy, stylish and not uggs that keep out the wet and cold from Spiegel, but that was like 3 or 4 seasons ago.

Good Luck with the comfy, funky, polished look. Let me know if you find anything good.

quel said...

you might like passenger pigeon clothing. but i just checked their website and they're on hiatus. (every time i see you you look put together!)

i need your e-mail address. usually sundays are a good day for a greenhouse tour, but not this one.

hope to see you soon!

naomi said...

Eugh, see, if you lived in England, you wouldn't have this problem. There'd be a Topshop ( around the corner and an H&M down the road. looks super expensive since it's in pounds, but their instore sales are definitely worth a perusal. I hate hate hate shopping in Utah. I recently bought a sleep suit with feeties from Target though, that redeemed Utah ever so slightly.

Ryan and Erin said...

So I love your Halloween post. Its hilarious! I also have irrational fears from creepy movies. Ryan has been forever banned from scaring me in the bathroom in any way, shape or form. Even if I watch 24 too much I start having dreams EVERY night that terrorists are out to kill me... and usually Jack Baur is in some way related to me. :)