Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I've become a bit of an introvert lately. And I guess this blog has somehow symbolized another human being to me, because I've been avoiding it also.

But I'm back. And I'm ready to have friends again.

So, hi. My name is Angie. What's yours?

Oh, and I'm kinda shy.

And really weird.

Hope that's ok with you.

Wanna build a fort?

Or make some raw food?

Or go to the bookstore and look for craft ideas and do them?

Or go on a midnight bike ride and find a roof to climb up on and make a secret club that does secret stuff up there? Like throw things on people or play like we're in a spaceship?

Or paint something?

Or make prank phone calls?

Or dress up like a zombie and ride around town?

Or just come over and play with me?


Melissapher said...

We've all been a little introverted lately. Welcome back to the internets. Let's be friends.

Quel said...

melissa's right! we're all hibernating aren't we! angie, as far as your list goes, my answer is all of the above!

Erica said...

i want to play! thanks so much for sending me a little message the other day for lunch. we need to make something work soon!

Angie said...

Awww. Thanks guys. Melissa, I wish I lived near you. Raquel, you are welcome to play in my yard anytime. And Erica I just love you to death. Let's elope.