Friday, February 6, 2009

My 25 Randoms

You gotta love Facebook.

1. I have three favorite childhood memories that I think about daily: laying on the grass looking at the sky, floating like a star in the pool (with the help of my Dad) and looking at the sky. and walking around the block at sundown on my Dad's shoulders looking at the sky.

2. I don't look at the sky as much as I should anymore.

3. My heart beats fast when I think about painting, dancing, writing, or sculpting things. I think that's a good sign I should do more of that stuff.

4. Warm toast with salty butter is most of what I eat these days. I'm lazy and broke and I just really like toast.

5. I have a tendency to gain weight around the middle, but nowhere else. If I let myself go I end up looking like Spongebob Squarepants.

6. I have a fascination with Patricia Arquette's teeth. I think she has the most attractive mouth. When I was a teenager I swore that someday I would get braces to push out my fangs and flatten my front teeth.

7. I have a goal to be as self-sufficient as possible by someday owning enough land to plant a garden and keep some chickens and cows.

8. I will someday build a tree house that is elaborate enough to fulfill all of my childhood yearnings. And it will put the Swiss Family Robinsons to shame.

9. I think The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn could be my favorite book of all time. I reread it every once in a while and it just reaffirms that fact.

10. I used to be more insecure about my looks, and as I get older I'm more insecure about my character. It's kinda funny because I actually get jealous of old people because they are so dang knowledgeable and have mastered themselves so much better than I have. I used to feel that way about the girl in the cool outfit.

11. I wish I was witty. I'm the most unfunny person I know.

12. I don't like being the center of attention, but sometimes I still get jealous if someone else is.

13. I'm trustworthy and a really good friend.

14. My hands have been old and wrinkly looking my whole life and I used to get free palm readings from a psychic in Santa Cruz every week because of it.

15. When I get really stressed out I have spider nightmares.

16. When I get really stressed out sometimes I still suck my thumb. Forget you know that.

17. I accidentally cooked my Blackberry a few weeks ago. Multitasking in the kitchen.

18. I have crushes on women. Not the kind you think. I'd rather study them and be their best friend then kiss them. Besides, as I've already mentioned most of them are ladies in their sixties.

19. I'm 29 and I still feel weird calling myself a woman. I think that says something about the society I was raised in.

20. I believe in modest dress and feel that it shows self-respect when you cover your body with adequate clothing, however I have urges to run around naked daily. I hope that in the celestial kingdom we will be so righteous-minded that we can all just be naked. Anyway, I can't really imagine a factory in heaven. Or a sewing machine.

21. I have tattoos and I wish I didn't.

22. I'm a former liberal feminist punk-rocker atheist who is now a member of the LDS church. Yeah, it's been a wild ride.

23. I wish every person on this earth could experience the peace that I felt the day I was baptized, and could know the knowledge and love found I found in the Temple.

24. I don't have a best friend. I have friends that are the best.

25. I am blessed.


Erica said...

you make me smile. i LOVE all of your 25 facts.

erin said...

i couldn't stop laughing when i read number 11. ah ha ha. good one, ang. :)