Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Good Morning

I am so excited about life right now! Do you see the time I'm posting at? Yes, it's the morning. And I'm functioning. I've actually been up since 6:50am, thank you very much. It's good to see the morning while it's still fresh and new. I'm so used to waking up at 10 or so, and then fumbling around like a zombie trying to get ready and then showing up somewhere late and exhausted. But now I have a 7am ballet class that wakes me right up, even if I did jog for an hour last night until 12am. By the way, bragging is fun.

Moving on, I started a post yesterday and it got erased. I don't want to try to recreate it again, so I'll keep this short and sweet. I made a friend. She's an artist. I have a crush. She is amazing and I love her work. You will too. Look:

Susan Krueger-Barber

See? Told you so. Visit her on the web here


Gritty Pretty said...

YAY! for great starts to the day and for posting the awesome art! Susan's paintings rock! I have a crush on her too.

kelsey said...

I love the first one, the one of the mom and child standing... so sweet.