Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New Blogs

We are learning about freewriting in my Humanities class. I'm already familiar with it, as I've attempted the Artist's Way program numerous times, only to be defeated by my own lack of discipline. But when I was on a roll, I did my morning pages religiously and I can say that it did wonders for my writing and my creative thinking process. I love how freewriting just slams that inner-critic to the floor, leaving room for authenticity on the page. The critic can always come back in the form of an editor, but while producing he should just keep his mouth shut.

Inspired, I am now reinstating my morning pages in the form of a blog. No, it won't be public. That would defeat the purpose of course. I would like to say that I'm secure enough in myself to let the stream of consciousness publicly flow out of me, but I would be lying.

So, if this blog isn't going to be public, why am I telling you about it? To taunt you with the unattainable. No. Well... kind of.

Actually, I'm just rambling on. Maybe I'm doing a bit of freewriting as we speak. Or write. Or whatever. But the truth is that I wanted to let you know about another blog that I've started writing called Love, Angie. It's a place where I can let out the random things I'd like to say to random people. The posts are in letter format. I guess you could say that I have a problem with confrontation, so here's where I'm just going to let it all hang out. Real names will rarely be used, so if it sounds like I'm writing a letter to you, I probably am.

More later...


kelsey said...

Ooo... I 'm kind of nervous to check out the "Love, Angie" blog. I hope if there are any letters to me they will be sweet and wonderfully complimentary :D Just kidding... hee hee.

Bri and Adam said...

Oooo I love it! I bet it'll feel realllly good to write.