Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Striped Shorts are all the Rage

As you probably read below, I'm starting to work on #6 of my list. Anybody who knows me well knows that I've wanted to learn how to breakdance for years. I even ordered two instructional DVDs at one point, but I only watched them once and gave up because I didn't have a place to practice. I've been all talk for a long time, and I'm sick of it. So, I finally posted a request for breakdancing instructors on yelp.com, an online community review website. Within a few days, somebody referred me to Marco, who teaches at a community center here in Portland. Tomorrow night is my first class. I'm kinda stressin.

I've decided to post daily pictures of what I'm wearing like the fashion bloggers do. The only difference is that the girls who post their daily wear on their blogs are doing it to share their genius style with the rest of the web. I, on the other hand, am doing it to humiliate myself into better style. I've always loved those makeover shows ("What Not To Wear" is the best) and I guess I'm emulating the "before" pictures. So here is my first:Ok, so to my defense, let me explain that I was hanging out at the pool and I just wanted to throw something on over my bathing suit. But, I have to admit, I do look like a junior high kid. I doubt many 28 year olds have these pieces in their wardrobe. Especially 28 year olds that say they are inspired by classic style icons like Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O. No, probably not.

So, question. How does one morph into a stylish gal when one's closet is full of clearance items from Ross, Rave, Forever 21, and Zumies? I guess I have put fashion on the back burner because I thought that it was vain to care so much about what you look like. I used to spend money like crazy on clothes when I was in high school, but I gave that up when I moved out on my own and met Bill. Bill showed up in the form of rent, a cell phone, medical expenses, and car insurance. And, although I was never in love with Bill, I knew that he always had to come first.

Now I have a closet full of cheap clothes that make me look cheap. When I walk into a restaurant wearing this outfit, people do not think, "Wow, what a responsible girl. She has paid all her bills and has decided to shop at Ross." No, my friends. They think, "I don't think I can really take her seriously."

Let me say, though, that my style goal is not to look like I'm always ready for a job interview. I was the girl in high school who shopped the Delia's Catalogue and wore the rainbow knee socks. I still have that alternative spirit. I don't like ultra-conservative. I don't do L.L. Bean. I like fun, funky clothes that reflect my personality. But, I want it to be intentional and put together with class. Do you know what I mean? Do I need to post some examples? I'll work on that. Actually, that might be good research.


Fish Nat!on said...

dont be ashamed of the stripers.

also, i didnt dislike NY. i loved it, in fact. i dont know why you think i didnt like it. also really liked san fran. i do, however, like portland infinitely better

The Sorenson Family said...

Angie-when you get your makeover take me along will ya! You know you're in trouble when your wardrobe consists of old surf tee's and sweat shorts, exercise attire and maternity clothes... scary!

p.s. i loved Delia's in high school, except for all the weird graphic shirts in the back of the catalog. Remember those; monkeys faces and frogs etc. Nice throw back!

Did you just post on our blog? I was in the middle of updating something and I think I deleted it. I didn't get a chance to read it. Anything important? Love you.

Bri and Adam said...

Umm, I love those striped shorts! White button down shirt and a thick brown belt would totally make those shorts a Jackie-O "Hi, I'm out boating on my yacht" outfit! I always loved your style anyway and really don't even know what you're talking about in the first place!

I also wanted to shout out in the name of Delias. I think I just got rid of my last Delia's piece when I moved out here! haha.

Shannon said...

I think that if the yellow shirt didn't have the graphics/screen print you'd go from 16 to 28 easy.