Thursday, July 10, 2008

My Oath, and Hair Fruit

Today I got up at a late hour that I will not disclose due to embarrassment. Mark and I watched "New World" last night, which we didn't start until midnight. As always, Mark fell asleep and I stayed up to see the ending. The movie, by the way, was slow and droned on and on. Everything about it was lackluster. And it's always fun to watch a 15 year old prance around in a piece of cloth and become the love interest to men in their thirties. Lovely.

So now, due to sleeping in, I have the guilties that I had spoken of before. I always get them when I'm not contributing anything to life. I missed so many opportunities to do so much this morning- I could have gone to the gym, made breakfast for me and my husband, made his lunch so we could save money and so he wouldn't support his fast-food habit (yuck!), read my scriptures, cleaned the house, finished laundry, etc. Yes, I know, I can still accomplish much of these things in the remaining hours of the day, but the point is that I could have fit in more. I often wonder how successful my life would be if I used every day to it's fullest. I know that I could accomplish more in one day, if I used every hour efficiently, than I do now in a week. That's really exciting to think about. I know that the successful people of the world have already realised that and applied the knowledge to their lives.

I've had the opportunity to work with a few very successful people in my life. I've acted as assistant to two of them, and I found that they both had so much in common in the way they structured their lives. Well, just the word "structure" says a lot already. But what I observed was that they both had a clear sense of their priorities and were willing to be disciplined to uphold the importance of them in their lives. They would often be challenged to place another priority above their goal, but they were always sacrificing to obtain the goal. They used tools like daily planning and time management to keep their priorities in order. It was the importance that they placed on the priority- the mental ability to keep it in focus- that allowed them to react in a way that supported their goals. You can't fool your mind- you have to really believe in something for your mind to order the action to obtain it.

So, what does that have to do with me waking up late? Well, I've noticed that I say I want alot of things, but I only act in a way to support some of what I say I want in life. Of course, I want to get adequate sleep. But what do I want more, to sleep in or to be a good help-meet to my husband by waking up and making breakfast? Or starting my day off right and going to the gym with him? Well, I say I'd rather have the latter two, but obviously I don't. Presently, I must admit to myself that my desire to sleep is more than these other desires. So I've decided that I have to make that mental switch to align my desires with what I say my goals are. So I'm doing that. Right now. This is such an big part of #6 of my list, and I'm excited to be making progress on it. So I want to publicly make an oath:

I, Angie Sorenson, will uphold by goal of waking up early with my husband by reinforcing the desire to do so. When faced with the seduction of the sandman (that adulterous swine!) I will choose the joy of spending time with my husband and accomplishing my goals. I will not give in to the pain of exhaustion, but will let my goals prevail.

And, hopefully, I will get more sleep.

Angela Sorenson

Well, now that
we have that out of the way, I want to comment on last night's breakdance lesson. It was so much fun. I was so scared that I would be the oldest one there, but when I showed up I found that the class consisted only of me and three other women, all in my age group! I was ecstatic. The teacher said that there is usually more people that come, including a 13 year old, but I don't care if the rest of the class consists of five year olds, all I needed was one person to relate to and I got three!

I have to say, though, that I'm pretty sore today. It's really a workout. We learned a lot for one day, which I think is great. I'm so excited for the next lesson. Oh, and the teacher told us about a club where the b-boys and girls go every Friday night, so me and the rest of the girls are planning to go. It should be fun.

Well I feel like I should get dressed now. I spend most of my time these days inside in sweats, or if I go out it's usually just to the pool. I'm feeling like such a scrub lately, but I figure that I don't really need to be fabulous when attending the local pool. I would feel embarrassed to be fabulous there. I'd feel like Goldie Hawn in "Overboard" before she looses her memory. I'll leave the hair fruit and gold medallion earrings to the movie stars and the elderly.

Ok, well I'm going to try to salvage my day and clean my house. More later...