Thursday, July 31, 2008


I received a request a while ago from Shannon for pictures of my various fashion stages. Unfortunately, my pictures are stored in my mother's garage in California. I did come across some photos, though, and I'll share what I have. Prepare yourself for some teen angst.

Punk Stage

Poppy-Punk Stage

Brunette Tomboy Stage

70's Roller Girl Stage

All-Black, Anti-Fashion Stage

Vintage Goth Stage

Drew Barrymore Stage


I don't have pictures with me of my hippy stage, rave stage, preppy stage, skater stage, swing-dance stage (vintage 40's and 50's dresses) or my cindie Lauper/Madonna stage (neon, lace, crinolines, fishnets, etc.) I'll have to update this post when I get my pictures back.


Melissapher said...

I love these pictures! It's just such a shocker to see you with blue hair! I can't wait to see more stages.

Shannon said...

I love it! :)