Friday, July 18, 2008


I am falling more and more in love with Portland every day. Gone are the days of grey, rainy skies. The sun has been blessing us with blue skies a clear view of the lush, green landscape. Portland is a city that is full of life. I've often told Mark over the last month that if I could create a dream city from my mind's imaginings, Portland would be it:

Quirky architecture?


A thriving music and art scene?


Ample parks intermingled within the heart of the city?


An active bike scene?


Lively craft and farmer's markets, a protective and lively environmental community, a gourmet chocolate-only cafe, a late-night dimly-lit pretentious restaurant located under a bridge that serves everything from alligator to a flaming (yes, it comes with a torch made out of tinfoil) chocolate dessert, a zoo, a Japanese Garden, and organic food in virtually every restaurant?


I'm telling you, Mark is going to have to bludgeon me over the head and pull me out of here. I never want to leave.

Wednesday night we went to Tea Zone, which is a lovely cafe/venue, to see Karli Fairbanks perform. Sadly, I only caught the last song, and Mark missed the whole set as he was meeting me there and ended up getting off work late. The song was performed beautifully and I was surprised to learn that she was just as good live as on her recordings. Although it's hard to choose, I think "Down the Line" is my favorite of her songs. But the more I hear the others the more I fall in love.

The headlining act of the night was Amy Seeley. She was absolutely amazing. "Beloved" and "New York" brought me to tears. The first time that has ever happened at a show. Her stage presence was so vulnerable yet dignified.



P.S. Thanks Kevin Wagoner for the lovely photo of the air tram.


Fish Nat!on said...

i know right? isn't portland the best? and you, mark, and I move there soon? ill share a place if you guys promise to have quiet s-e-you-know-what.